• KBTVGLOBAL is a global 24/7 television network. KBTVGLOBAL has multiple channels broadcasting iconic comedy, drama, western, music, and religious shows. Included is the latest news and informationfrom around the world.
  • KBTVGLOBAL can be viewed on any time, any where, or any device! Our networks broadcast 24 hours a day, 7 days a week through multiple devices including smart phones, tablets, computers and Smart TVs. The KBTVGLOBAL app is available in the Apple’s App Store®, the Google Play™ store and through Internet browsers.
  • KBTVGLOBAL reaches 2,500,000 people annually in our direct-to-consumer platform and has a world wide reach with our global internet platform.
  • KBTVGLOBAL is currently viewed in residential, commercial, and hospitality industries. We are the channel-of-choice for several major National Hotel chains.
  • Our mission is to provide quality family friendly programming to support and enrich the lives of our increasingly mobile community.
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