KBTV Serenity Channel

KBTV Serenity Channel

The Serenity Channel combines the songs most frequently used by Hospice music therapists. Five genres with beautiful guided imagery create an environment of peace, comfort, and relaxation for the Hospice individual. This music brings amazing comfort and joy while improving the quality of end-of-life care.  Programming is delivered to the individual’s television 24 hours a day allowing individuals to participate at their leisure or in time of need.

Music can help decrease pain, agitation and restlessness. The Serenity Channel’s soothing, relaxing and non-agitating music supports comfort measures. Serenity Channel offers a compassionate and non-invasive approach to end of life care.

Musical Genres include:

  • Oldies
  • Religious/Spirituals
  • Country/Western
  • Musicals
  • Popular
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